Winn Grips Winn non-slip Handle Wrap

Winn non-slip Handle Wrap is suitable for:

  • Fly/Game
  • Coarse/Match
  • Spin
  • Boat
  • Beach
  • Carp

Superb NONE slip handle wrapping. Even when exceptionally wet.

Made with highly advanced Winn Dry polymer material.

Easier to use than shrink tubing this Winn Rod Wrapping/Grips is simply applied straight to the blank or will work just as well on top of EVA / Duplon handles.

Each wrap is 1.1mm thick and has a self adhesive backing. They are 8 feet long and this covers about 32 inches (800 mm) when wrapped around a 1 inch diameter ( 25.4mm)

Complete instructions included - very easy to fit just like grips on racquet handles. In fact has plenty of other uses such as racket handles, sporting equipment handles, nets, oars, garden tools

Available in 9 colours. Ideal for creating a very personalised rod.