Heavy Duty Duplon / EVA

Heavy Duty Duplon / EVA is suitable for:

  • Boat
  • Beach

A range of Heavy Duty Duplon / EVA mainly for Boat rods.

32/12 P is 32 mm OD x 12 inches long ( 305mm) available with 19 mm or 22 mm bore size with small end radius.

30/12 CC is 30 mm OD (nominal) x 12 inches long (305 mm) with 12 mm bore. has a Cross cut pattern on it which gives a rasied diamond pattern / grip.

40/14 Tr is 40 mm OD But has 3 equal flats ground along the full length of the grip making it triangular in profile 14 inches long (355mm)

tapering at the front end to 25 mm diameter available in 12mm, 18 mm and 22 mm bore.