RodDancer Ultimate Epoxy Slow Cure

RodDancer Ultimate Epoxy Gel Slow Cure is a 2-component Epoxy gel specifically designed for the demands of adhering fishing rod components.

Unlike many gelled epoxies that use fillers which can reduce strength, Ultimate Epoxy takes advantage of special thickening agents which have no effect on the inherent strength or flexibility of the cured epoxy. Designed for adhering parts which do not have optimum fit, or may require the filling of slight gaps, Ultimate Epoxy provides excellent wetting characteristics without sagging, and will not shrink or crack once cured.

Ultimate Gel is 100% waterproof and will not crack or peel, and remains super strong and extremely flexible under the most extreme conditions. Structurally bonds Carbon, Fiberglass, Bamboo, Cork, Foam, Wood, Aluminum, Nickel Sliver, Nylon and much more. 30-40 minute potlife, cures in 6-8 hours.

Available in 4oz. or 8oz.

" Equal parts essential. Easy to mix and use."
by Chris Ward, Craftsman