Optimum Placement, Number & Size of Guides Maximises Rod Performance

For more than twenty years, rod industry research has focused on blank fibres and materials. With all this emphasis on graphite, the importance of guides has been virtually ignored. When properly chosen and placed, guides maximise rod performance.
Even a blank crafted from the lightest and strongest fibres can't deliver optimum performance without the right guides. That's why the design technicians at Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd, the world's leading manufacturer of premium rod components, have extensively researched how guide placement can improve rod performance.

Using computer-aided modelling and prototypes, Fuji's experts created charts outlining how to choose and place guides to achieve maximum results. From these findings, Fuji created the New Concept in rod design.

Rod builders who follow Fuji's recommendations will see a dramatic improvement in the response of spinning rods, casting rods, and other rod styles. Guide placement suggestions for a variety of lengths and styles of blanks are available. By following Fuji's recommendations, casting distance can be increased by an average of ten percent on most rod blanks.

The New Guide Concept also improves the rod's ability to transmit subtle signals from the lure to the angler. Fuji tests show that the vibration wave amplitude transmitted by the blank can be increased fivefold.

Fuji's system is setting the new standard for high quality, high performance rods. All rod builders who strive for quality and performance will find New Concept charts invaluable.


1. Greater Sensitivity

A lighter rod tip and guides increases the vibration wave dramatically over standard guides and tips. Fuji's New Concept guides and tips help an angler accurately detect and interpret the most subtle contact with a fish or underwater structure.

2. Greater Castability

Trying to reach choice secluded water or in open water situations, where long casts are necessary to avoid spooking the fish, requires casting finesse to improve an anglers chances of a great catch. With Fuji's New Concept guides and proper placement, you can significantly improve casting distance.

3. Increased Accuracy

By using smaller rings and a lower profile, Fuji's New Concept guides reduce twists or torque, and wind resistance; keeping the line aligned with the blank. The action increases casting accuracy and efficiency.

4. Improved Weight Balance

Fuji's New Concept guides and tips are up to 60% lighter than standard rod components. Using New Concept guides provides the angler with a remarkably well balanced rod that is easier on the wrist and less fatiguing during a full day of fishing.

5. Greater Hooking Power

Hooking power is affected by the number of guides on the rod. More guides aid in an increase of hooking power by keeping the line close to the rod. There is less power loss with the New Concept rod so your chances of setting the hook and landing that fish are greatly improved.

6. Reduced Line Twist

Line twist is reduced in spinning tackle when using the Fuji's New Concept guides. The number of casts a fisherman makes in a day's fishing can create havoc with line twist. With a New Concept spinning rod, more guides lessen the angle as line passes through the guide, reducing pressure on the guide, and in turn reducing the amount of line twist when casting and retrieving repeatedly.

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