Fuji BMYAG single leg

Fuji BMYAG single leg is suitable for:

  • Coarse/Match

Fuji BMYAG single leg match guide, has a "Y" frame for strength. Has an ALCONITE centre and  black finish frame. Sutable for all match, feeder type rods.
Matching tip is BNMVAT and 3 leg BNMVAG. KR Concept Uses BKLAG for butt sections

16H ring spec for 12/13ft - BKLAG 16H, 8H, 6M, 5.5L, BMYAG 4.5L (x3), 4 (x7) + tip

12H ring spec for 12/13ft - BKLAG12H, 8M, 5.5L, BMYAG 4.5L (x4), 4 (x7) + tip